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Secret Hydrographic Surveys In The SPRATLY ISLANDS

Secret Hydrographic Surveys In The SPRATLY ISLANDS (2005-07-14加入南沙群岛在线,2006-02-12日更新)


Secret Hydrographic Surveys in the Spratly Islands Cover Page

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Authors: David Hancox, Victor Prescott
ISBN-983-9275-10-0 ;ISBN 1-901919-08-0
Published by: Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA)
Publication Date: MIMA 1997; 1999
Pages 240
Language English
Dimension 8.5inch x 5.5inch
Price about US$ 70


From the beginning of modern western hydrographic exploration in the early 1800s, around what was then called the Archipelago of Reefs in the South China Sea, numerous reefs, banks, shoals and islands have been reported and recorded on navigational charts.
However, doubts about some of these reported features began to arise after the first detailed investigations of the western, southern and eastern boundaries of the Dangerous Ground (as the area was known as) were completed by 1870. From the 1880s a number of these features began to be qualified on British Admiralty charts with the notation ED (Existence Doubtful) or PD (Position Doubtful) indicating that the Admiralty’s Hydrographer was not completely satisfied that the feature either existed or existed in the position recorded.
Extensive secret surveys, in what was then known as the Dangerous Ground of the South China Sea, were conducted principally by British Admiralty and Japanese naval surveyors between 1926 to 1939 for territorial and strategic reasons. These conclusively proved that many of these reported features did not exist. However, despite the extensive revision of non-confidential British charts in 1954, many charts and maps of the Spratly Islands continue to show features that do not exist.
This book reviews the history of national open and secret surveys in the Dangerous Ground and enumerates a number of features that do not exist, and probably never have existed except as a result of errors made by navigators in reporting those perceived dangers between 100 and 200 years ago.

目录 Table of Contents

Acknowledgements (i)
Foreword (ii)
Synopsis (iii)
Secret Hydrographic Surveys in the Spratly Islands 1
Background to Marine Surveying and Chart Production of the Spratly Islands 21
Initial Pre-Second World War Clandestine Surveys 36
The Major British Secret Surveys in Dangerous Groud 1931-1933 56
Surveys in Dangerous Groud, 1933 to 1939 84
Knowledge Gained from Secret Surveys 123
Hydrographic Developments between 1942 and 1955 138
Surveys and Navigational Publications 1955 to 1995 161
Conclusions 184
References 198
Figures 208-219

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