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The contested maritime and territorial boundaries of Malaysia : an international law perspective / R. Haller-Trost

Title: The contested maritime and territorial boundaries of Malaysia : an international law perspective / R. Haller-Trost
Date Added: (2005-08-07)
Author: Haller-Trost, R.
Publisher: London : Kluwer Law International, 1998.
Description: 595 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9041196528
Subject: Malaysia -- Boundaries -- Brunei.,Territorial waters -- Malaysia.,Baselines (Maritime law) -- Malaysia.

目录/Table of Contents

     Table of International Law Cases and Arbitrations 
    Pt. IMaritime Claims 
     Ch. 1The Malaysian Map of 197913
     Ch. 2Maritime Delimitations According to Treaties23
     Ch. 3Maritime Delimitations According to Unilateral Declarations83
    Pt. IITerritorial Claims 
     Ch. 4Sabah119
     Ch. 5The Sarawak Districts and Louisa Reef189
     Ch. 6Pulau Sipadan and Pulau Ligitan227
     Ch. 7Pulau Batu Puteh/Pedra Branca261
     Ch. 8The Spratly Islands295
    App. 1Malay Glossary389
    App. 2Chronological List of Main Treaties, Legislation and other Documents395
    App. 3Genealogy of Sulu Rulers since the 18th Century429
    App. 4Coordinates of the Turning Points of the Malaysian Map 1979431
    App. 5National Maritime Zones433
    App. 6Signatories to the UN Conventions on the Law of the Sea435
    App. 7Malaysia-Singapore Agreement Relating to the Strait of Johore (1995)437
    App. 8List of Spratly Islands441
    App. 9ASEAN (Manila) Declaration on the South China Sea (1992)457
    App. 10ASEAN Statement on the South China Sea (1995)459
    App. 11South China Sea Code of Conduct between the Philippines and the PRC (1995)461
    App. 12Decision by the PRC on the Ratification of UNCLOS III and Declaration of Baselines (1996)463
    App. 13Statement of the Philippines on the PRC's Ratification of UNCLOS III (1996)467
    App. 14Vietnam's Objection to the PRC's Baseline Declaration (1996)469
    Map 15Southeast Asia473
    Map 16States of West Malaysia475
    Map 17States of East Malaysia477
    Map 18Malaya479
    Map 19Inferred Baselines of Malaysia481
    Map 20Malaysia's Maritime Claims (West Malaysia)483
    Map 21Malaysia's Maritime Claims (East Malaysia)485
    Map 22Delimitations in the Northern Straits of Malacca487
    Map 23Delimitations in the Straits of Malacca489
    Map 24Delimitations in the Strait of Johore491
    Map 25Delimitations in the Straits of Singapore493
    Map 26UK-Siam Boundary of 1909495
    Map 27Delimitations between Malaysia and Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand497
    Map 28Brunei Darussalam499
    Map 29Maritime Claims of Brunei501
    Map 30Brunei Bay503
    Map 31Treaty Limits of the Philippines505
    Map 32Maritime Claims of the Philippines507
    Map 33Overlapping Claims between Malaysia and the Philippines in the South China Sea and the Kalayaan Island Group509
    Map 34Claims of the PRC in the South China Sea511
    Map 35Claims of the ROC in the South China Sea513
    Map 36East Borneo515
    Map 37Maritime Delimitations in the Sulu Sea and the Celebes Sea517

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