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Contest for the South China Sea —— 《南海争端》

Contest for the South China Sea —— 《南海争端》, Marwyn S. Samuels,Methuen, New York and London, 1982(2005-03-01加入南沙群岛在线)


  • 1. Introduction
    1. Geopolitical Contests
      Chinese seapower: historical-geographic contexts
  • 2. A Chinese Lake
    1. Beginnings
      Sung China and the Southern Sea
      The Bank of Long Sands
      The Sea of Seven Islands
      The Cheng Ho Voyages
      Conclusion: A Chinese Lake
  • 3. The Open Sea
    1. Early Ch'ing maritime interests
      Geographic reconnaissance during the Ch'ing
      The Ch'ing navy: institutional and technological constraints
      Competition for the South China Sea: Annam and the French
      Empire lost: The Sino-French war 1884-5
      Conclusion: the open sea
  • 4. A Qestion of Sovereignty
    1. The first Chinese claims
      The Ho Jui-nien affair
      The 1928 Commmision
      The Delegation des Paracels
      Japan's New South Archipelago (Shinnan Gunto)
      Conclusion: a question of sovereignty
  • 5. The Post-war Contest
    1. The ROC in the Paracels and Spratlys
      The San Francisco Peace Treaty (1951)
      The Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty (1952)
      The Cloma incident
      The islands and China's territorial sea
      Enter the Philippines
      The petroleum incentive
      Conclusion: the post-war contest
  • 6. Battle for the Paracels
    1. Prelude to war
      Battle in the Paracels
      The Competitors react
      Geopolitical Contests
      Conclusion: battle for the Paracels
  • 7. China's Ocean Policy
    1. Chinese foreign policy
      China and the law of the sea
      Straits and the issue of accessibility
      The archiplagic regime
      The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
      Marine Research
      Conclusion: China's Ocean Policy
  • 8. The Souther Maritime Frontier
    1. A vital strategic zone
      Chinese seapower
      The sourther flank
      Conclusion: the southern maritime Frontier
  • Appendices
    1. A The scramble for offshore oil
      The Kingdom of Humanity and Republic of Morac-Songhrati-Meads
      Select Bibliography
      Guide to place names
      A basic gazetter

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