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  1. War or Peace in the South China Sea(2005-06-01)


  1. Spratly Archipelago: Is the Question of Sovereignty still Relevant -- A Roundtable Discussion(2006-05-08)
  2. Hsiao Shi-Ching The Nanshas (Spratlys) Disputes(2006-03-11)
  3. Limits of National Claims in the South China Sea by Victor Prescott(2005-11-08)
  4. Law of the Sea in East Asia: Issues and Prospects by Zou Keyuan(2005-11-08)
  5. China and the South China Sea Disputes: conflicting claims and potential solutions in the South China Sea(2005-08-30)
  6. Continental Shelf Act, 1966. /Malaysia(2005-08-07)
  7. The Spratlys disputes and prospects for settlement / Ji Guoxing(2005-08-07)
  8. Malaysia's maritime space : an analytical atlas of environments and resources / Vivian L Forbes and Mohd Nizam Basiron. (2005-08-07)
  9. The contested maritime and territorial boundaries of Malaysia : an international law perspective / R. Haller-Trost(2005-08-07)
  10. China and the law of the sea, air, and environment / by Jeanette Greenfield(2005-08-07)
  11. Secret Hydrographic Surveys In The SPRATLY ISLANDS(2005-07-14)
  12. War or Peace in the South China Sea(2005-06-01)
  13. Disputed Islands in the South China Sea: Paracels, Spratlys, Pratas, Macclesfield Bank(2004-12-25)
  14. Contest for the South China Sea(2005-03-01)

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